Hypersocket Single Sign-On

Hypersocket Single Sign-On 1.0.2

Provides secure single sign-on access to cloud and web based apps

Provides secure single sign-on access to cloud and web based apps

Hypersocket SSO is free, unlimited and secure one-click single sign-on solution. Providing transparent access, robust on-premise security and role based access, Hypersocket SSO provides perfect centralised management of your business applications. Delivered as a unique virtualised on-premise solution Hypersocket SSO puts privacy first giving you complete control of your data.

Key features:

Never log into another app again: Integrate with hundreds of pre-built applications and counting, provide users with seamless, one-click access without having to remember authentication details again. Not in our catalogue? Create your own with our template engine.

Share account and not credentials: Hypersocket SSO lets you share access to applications which don't support multiple users such as Twitter without having to share login credentials, enabling employees to share business accounts, voices, personas without having to share login credentials.

Own your data and keep your privacy: Accelerate deployment, Hypersocket’s on-premise virtual appliances are running in minutes. Hardened and ready to go, Hypersocket virtual machines give you control of your own data.

Manage users with fine-grained access: Hypersocket SSO least-privileged access security architecture provides integration with Active Directory, SQL and other user directories.

Unlimited users, unlimited application templates, get your business engaged with single sign-on without barriers.

Improve productivity: With an integrated desktop launcher Hypersocket single sign-on enables users to launch and login to apps with one-click from their desktop, letting your users focus on working, not learning something new.

Hypersocket Single Sign-On


Hypersocket Single Sign-On 1.0.2

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    Brilliant software! Easy to use - it was off the ground and working within minutes.   More.